Beach Rules

Summer Season 2017

LOCATION:  Spanish Banks West, Vancouver, BC, Canada

SCHEDULE:  All teams play at least 1 game every Tuesday May 30 to August 29

  • May 30 to July 18 There are 4 courts each with 3x 1hr time slots: 6-7pm, 7-8pm, and 8-9pm. 
  • July 25 to August 29 the league will seperate into Competitive & Recreational Divisions based on thier rankings.  Divisions will have 2 courts each and 2x 1.5hr time slots: 6-7:30pm, 7:30-9pm
  • RAIN OUTS will be announced via TeamSnap email, text alert(optional for you to activate) and on our FB Group at 3pm on game-day.  So that your TeamLeads and League coordinator are not flooded with messages, please wait for 3pm to find out for yourselves.  

GAME TIME/WARM-UP/TIMEOUTS: Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your match to stretch, warmup, and possibly start early. Upon mutual agreement of your team captains, you may start early or use part of your 60mins (90mins starting July 25) for additional warm-up.  Each team will have one 30sec timeout per game for a total othree per match (max 5 starting July 11). 

SELF-REGULATION:  Points will be awarded based on an honour system.  Scorecards will be available, so the player closest to the scoreboard will be responsible for adding thier own teams' point.  Coaching eachother and/or the other team is highly encouraged, so we can learn new skills or rules and progress together.  When in doubt, call yourself out!  In the name of sportsmanship, please only call faults on your own teammates.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Minimum 3 original roster players required to avoid a forfeit.  Maximum 6 per team on the court.  There is no maximum to team rosters, but a minimum of 6 full-time players must be registered.  If your team prefers to play with a minimal roster, you maybe required to pay a team forfeit deposit.  Contact pia@swayteamsports for more information re: limited rosters.

SUBS/DROP-INS:  Drop-ins will be allowed to substitute players only if a team agrees to accomodate, completion of a Liability Waiver, and a $10 fee.  Please arrive before matches begin and ask for "Jena" on Kiss My Ace team for waiver and payment

 DON'T DO IT! Teams must have a minimum of 3 original roster players to start.  There is an Availability tab in your TeamSnap accounts to forecast your teams' attendance and make appropriate arrangements well ahead of time.

Home teams have choice of serve or side for the 1st set

The gameclock is the red stereo.  All matches MUST END at the scheduled time, however, you may start early/late if time and space permits.   A 5 minute and 1 minute warning will sound before the end of each time slot.    Whatever the score in whatever game teams are in when the game clock expires, that will be the final score for that game and the match will be decided upon that, even if it's tie.

 All games will play using all-rally scoring rules. Best of 3 games wins the match.  Each game will play to 25 points, teams must win by 2 and there is no cap. If there is a deciding game (3rd set), the cap is 15 or the end of the game clock, whichever comes first.  In the rally game, points will be awarded on both the service and serve receive side.  If the time expires during a "rally", the team with the most points at that time will be given the game.  Each game win = 1pt (e.g. 1st game win, 2nd game win, 3rd game win = 3pts).  
Starting July 11, best of 5 games wins.

GAME EQUIPMENT: Bump Volleyball Club will provide all nets, boundaries, balls, and scorekeep equipment.

 In interest of keeping players safe and games moving along, a NO NET rule will be enforced.  Meaning if a player makes contact with the net during a play at the net, a net violation point will be awarded. 


  • A serve IS allowed to make contact with the net. 
  • The width of the service area is sideline to sideline. After contact is made with the ball, the server may step or land inside the court.
  • The serve may not be blocked or spiked.
  • In the name of sportsmanship, rotation will be required after 5 consecutive serves per one player.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three hits to return the ball. A defensive block counts as one of the hits.
  • A ball may touch various parts of the body to count as a hit.
  • Captains must call for a timeout or substitution before the serve.
  • If players are out of rotation after the ball is served, a rotation violation point will be awarded.
  • At the first hit of the team (i.e. serve receive), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively provided that the contacts occur during one action.
  • A blocker may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that the blocker does not interfere with the opponent’s play (i.e. set) or attack hit.  
  • A player is at fault if they touch the ball or the opponent in the opponent’s space (ball has not broken the plane of the net) before or during the opponent’s attack hit.

Faults or Side Outs include:

  • Out of bounds or outside the court lines (contact with the lines is still fair)
  • Contact with the outside of the antennae is a fault, contact on the inside is still fair
  • Four hits
  • Double hit during second or third contact
  • A player hitting the ball two times consecutively (unless it is the 1st hit on serve-receive and the contacts occur during one action)
  • Back-row attack. A back-row player must take-off from behind the 10’ line before contacting the ball. After contact, the back-row player may land within the front zone.  
  • Catch/throw/lift or carry (guiding the ball instead of hitting it)
  • Breaking the plane when ball is not on your side
  • Player’s pody part completely crossing over the center line, however foot or hand on the line is still fair

Other BC Volleyball rules apply, unless otherwise mentioned.

Skill Levels

Beach League is a recreational mix of novice, intermediate, and competitive players.  It is highly encouraged for skilled players to share thier knowledge and coach others to elevate the overall level of play and love for of the game.